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Video: How Did GANT Get Products to Market in Just Three Months?

It was in 1949 that a Ukranian immigrant Berl Gantmacher launched–what was going to be an iconic shirt-making company–GANT in Connecticut, America.

Since then, the company has reinvented shirts every single day. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, GANT operates in 70 countries.

In 2017, GANT wanted to launch a flagship store in London. It takes most companies a year to open a store, considering the amount of cross country collaboration and planning that’s needed for a store to take off.

In order to open the store in London, teams from three countries—Sweden, Portugal and the UK—needed to work together.

“Right away through the process, we moved forward as one team with one goal. With G Suite we have access to all information in one place and we collaborate on Hangout. A flagship store could be well over a year. Regent Street (London) was three months. A very, very different timeline. It’s been an amazing success for the company,” says Matthew Wood, Creative Director, GANT.

G Suite made it possible for the various teams from different countries to collaborate on a single platform and launch a flagship store in just three months—instead of a year.

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