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Unburden Your Operations and Development Teams with Anthos

VMs are used to run the majority of services in enterprises. Whether due to specific technical requirements, developer preferences, or simply time and budget constraints, many applications are not moving to containers and Kubernetes yet.

Think services first
Microservices architectures present numerous benefits but also introduce challenges like added complexity and fragmentation for different workloads. The Anthos platform unburdens your operations and development teams by simplifying service delivery across the board, from traffic management and mesh telemetry to securing communications between services. Anthos Service Mesh, Google’s fully managed service mesh, lets you easily manage these complex environments and enjoy the benefits they promise.

Learn how to incorporate these existing VM workloads into Anthos Service Mesh. Also, see how to use Compute Engine to simplify the installation and management of the Envoy proxy and how to add VMs to the mesh. Lastly, explore how you can modernize your VMs in place or develop a strategy to migrate your VMs to containers. Regardless of the path chosen, we show how the VMs can participate in the mesh and get all the same benefits of security, policy, and telemetry that Anthos Service Mesh provides to Kubernetes workloads.

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