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Three Lesser-Known Ways to Protect Your Customers and Business From Phishing and Fraud

Your users are critical to your business, and you need security controls to keep them — and your business — safe. Built from years of Google Cloud technology and experience, these security features focus on keeping users safe on the web.

You can reduce online fraud (chargebacks, hijackings, and abuse) with reCAPTCHA Enterprise, help protect your customers from phishing sites with Phishing Protection, and detect malicious links with the Web Risk API.

Fight Fraud: Fraudulent web activities cost enterprises billions of dollars each year. Security teams need to keep the bad actors out of their websites and ensure that their customers can always get in. reCAPTCHA has been defending millions of sites for almost a decade, and the reCAPTCHA Enterprise service builds on this technology with capabilities designed specifically for enterprise security concerns.

Combat Phishing: The majority of cyber attacks begin with phishing emails and websites. Attackers use many tricks, including by leveraging enterprise brand assets, such as company names and logos, to develop phishing websites that appear authentic and lure internet users to enter valuable information such as user names and passwords. Phishing Protection helps prevent users from accessing phishing sites by identifying various signals associated with malicious content.

Watch the video to find out how the third method and what impact it can create on your organization.

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