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Case Study

Telstra Leverages APIs To Accelerate Digital Transformation

Telstra is Australia’s leading telecommunications and technology company, offering a full range of communication services and competing in all telecommunications markets.

In Australia, it provides 17.7 million retail mobile services, 4.9 million retail fixed voice services and 3.6 million retail fixed broadband services.

But owing to legacy infrastructure the company was unable to boost business efficiency and agility. To address these challenges, the company decided to leverage the Apigee platform.

“One of the key challenges that Apigee helped us solve was ensuring greater efficiency. Efficiency in business is absolutely critical. The more efficient you become the quicker you can solve problems and hence lower costs of solving those problems,” says David Freeman, General Manager of API enablement, Telstra.

Freeman also highlights that the Apigee platform has helped Telstra reduce the cycle time of delivery from months to days and sometimes even minutes. It also empowered the organization to efficiently track their developer community as well.

“Apigee was not only able to take systems and services and turn them into APIs but it also provided an analytics capability where we could keep an eye on the developer community, we could see what the developers were doing with APIs. On top of that, it also provided a great way to monetize APIs. This ensures that our developers can quickly and easily consume APIs,” says Freeman.

Watch this short video and get greater insights into how Apigee is helping Telstra accelerate digital transformation.

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