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Technical deep dive on Looker: The enterprise BI solution for Google Cloud

Thousands of users accessing petabytes of data on a daily basis: This is a challenging proposition for enterprises, without a doubt.

But Looker makes it possible. Beyond just accessing data though, Looker’s platform transforms your company’s relationship with data.

Go under the hood of Looker, with Olivia Morgan, Enterprise CE, Looker, to see how LookML empowers developers to take advantage of powerful data warehouses like BigQuery and ultimately enhance the workflows of end users.

She also takes a deep dive into LookML’s ability to use Google Cloud Functions and Search API to enhance dashboards, leverage BQML within Looker’s modeling layer to give users access to forecasts, tie in BigQuery’s public datasets to add richness to analysis, and show off LookML’s ability to handle nested tables for faster performance on transaction analysis all through a complete end to end demo.

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