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Case Study

Tech Helps This In-Home Healthcare Service Focus on Making Lives Better and Save Costs by 23%

Buurtzorg is an in-home healthcare organization based in the Netherlands, with more than 15,000 nurses working in small community teams across Europe.

Working in small teams of empowered, highly qualified professionals, Buurtzorg provides nurse-led community care across the Netherlands. But as the number of clients grew, it was getting difficult for nurses to keep up with bureaucratic work and take care of patients at the same time. Buurtzorg’s rapid success lies in its nurses’ abilities to act quickly and effectively without unnecessary bureaucracy.

“I said why are we doing it this way? We called our company Buurtzorg, and Buurt means neighborhood. That’s why we moved to G Suite: to reduce unnecessary administrative tasks and focus on patient care,” says Jos De Blok, CEO, Buurtzorg.

Watch this 2-minute video to find out how Buurtzorg serves the community and reduces costs by 23% at the same time.

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