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Sneak peek: What’s to come in Chrome Browser for the enterprise

The Chrome Browser Cloud Management accomplishes three goals. First, it is a single destination for applying Chrome Browser policies across Windows, Mac, and Linux from one pane of glass.

Second, admins can gain easy insight into their deployment, including getting a list of extensions installed in their fleet. And third, for admins that have large organizations, it offers an easy way to delegate management to specific organizational units. We’ve also added a memory limit policy, an M79, which is super useful for admins that manage a lot of virtual machines.

This policy allows admins to limit the amount of memory that Chrome can use before tabs start being discarded. If you have large VMware or Citrix environments, we highly recommend trying out this policy.

Admins will now have more granular controls over update behavior. In addition to the version controls that already exist today, Chrome now has a policy to configure Chrome variations. Watch this video to find out what more you can do with the Chrome Browser Cloud Management solution.

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