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Case Study

Replacing Oracle with Cloud Spanner: What Optiva Learnt

Optiva is a Canada-based provider of business support system (BSS) and Operations Support Systems (OSS) software and services to the telecommunications vertical.

Optiva sought to improve its product offering. In the way were very tough challenges including a need for accuracy, the need to deal with very high volumes, the need for low latency.

So they looked at the market. And just by chance, they saw a Cloud Spanner press release.” And so we were looking. We were like: what can we do? How can we make this 10 times faster. And we read the Spanner press release, and we’re like: are you kidding me? This is our dream come true. We have a perfect database that can handle the transactional volume. It’s distributed, it’s consistent, multiple writings, like synchronized writing across 1,000 servers. It’s exactly what we needed to replace big bad Oracle,” says Danielle Roystone, CEO of Optiva.

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