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Reinventing geospatial analytics as only Google can do: Intelligent platform

Geospatial analytics is undergoing a fundamental change with the application of cloud computing products. Every day, data analysts need to understand the geospatial impact on their data and GIS professionals are finding themselves constrained by legacy technology that can’t keep pace with increasing data volume.

Google Cloud’s geospatial analytics platform brings the full suite of Google’s Geo offerings to both sets of users to unblock workloads and free them from legacy capacity constraints.

Listen to Joe Bettridge, Consulting Lead, TELUS Insights, TELUS and Chad Jennings, Product Manager and GIS Lead, Google Cloud, and learn about Google Cloud’s uniquely powerful, full–platform solution for geospatial analytics and how organizations are using it to reduce query times from hours, days, or months to minutes. These workloads can span both structured and imagery data.

In this session, they will cover:

  • An overview of BigQuery GIS
  • Some use cases
  • Examples of algorithms TELUS is using

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