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Redefining the approach to mobile security

When it comes to mobile security, everyone assumes open means unsecure.
There are three terms that people often confuse: vulnerability, malware, and exploit.

A vulnerability is really nothing more than a software flaw that is potentially exposed, where there is a possibility of it being attacked. It doesn’t mean it will ever be attacked and it doesn’t mean it will ever be exposed.

Malware is software–again, it’s software–that is designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to a computer system.

An exploit is also software and it’s designed to take advantage of a vulnerability. And in most cases, it’s designed to typically do malicious things, such as install malware.

So, a vulnerability does not equal an exploit. A vulnerability is a chance.
Discover how to debunk these security myths and learn how the latest multi-layered security protections, encompassing software, and hardware and application levels now leverage the power of machine learning to protect your device fleet. Mark Burr, an Android expert, shares the latest on enterprise security innovations, backed by third-party validation.

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