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How to Build a Platform on Google Cloud from the Ground Up

Building distributed applications is hard! Building globally scalable distributed applications is harder. Maintaining and growing these services as your business grows is even harder.

Watch this video to know how to create a globally scalable platform for your business on Google Cloud using service meshes. It shows how to build a platform on Google Cloud from the ground up.

This content is agreed upon and a combined effort between SA, Anthos PM (specifically Istio and Anthos Service Mesh), and Anthos engineering.

Join Ameer Abbas, Solutions Architect at Google Cloud, as he goes through (design opinions and reasonings for) project hierarchy in a Google Cloud org, setting up global networking and GKE cluster, service mesh (Istio and ASM), observability, and, common tools and golden signals. After watching this video, you will be able to learn how to think about SLOs, SLAs, security and how to secure traffic between services (mTLS) or from an end user to a service running in your mesh. You will also learn routing and other multicluster routing considerations and, other common operational tasks like adding or migrating an application to the mesh, rolling out new versions of applications, DR and other hybrid or multi-cloud considerations.

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