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How to Become a Hero by Metering and Understanding Your Utilization on GKE

It’s hard to believe that GKE is already celebrating its fifth birthday. Over these last five years it’s been inspiring to see what businesses have accomplished with Google Cloud and GKE—from powering multi-million QPS retail services, to helping a game publisher deploy 1700 times to production in the week of its launch, to accelerating research into discovery of treatments for both rare and common conditions in cardiology and immunology, to helping map the human brain. These were all made possible by Kubernetes.

The benefits of containers and Kubernetes over traditional on-premises architectures are well-documented and understood. This video introduces the concept of cost or efficiency control with GKE autoscaling. Together with our customer and design partner OpenX, we show the story of tuning and controlling infrastructure utilization while balancing cost through use of the GKE autoscalers.

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