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Case Study

How Real Companies Are Innovating with AI Today—and the Benefits They’re Seeing

What do you get when you mix Target, women’s swim wear, and AI? “Joy!” says Mike McNamara, CIO and CDO, Target.

McNamara is just one of the many stories of real businesses conquering old challenges, and new disruptive industry challenges, with artificial intelligence.

McNamara, Nick Rockwell, CTO, The New York Times, Larry Colagiovanni, VP New Product Development, eBay, and Dirk John, CIO, LATAM Airlines, demonstrate how AI solutions allow businesses to find opportunity in chaos, innovation under tough conditions, and revenue in the most unlikely of places.

AI at Target

McNamara shows how AI is being applied to solve some of the most basic, yet critical, challenges that retailers like Target–and any business with large inventories—face. (start at 4:04)

AI at The New York Times

Nick Rockwell, CTO, The New York Times, shares how AI and big data tools are being used to leverage old assets and drive business ideas from them. (start at 12:18)

AI at eBay

Larry Colagiovanni, VP New Product Development, eBay, talks about how AI is helping eBay drive conversational commerce, help buyers sift through 1.1 billion items, and personalize the shopping experience.(start at 28:07)

AI at LATAM Airlines

Dirk John, CIO, LATAM Airlines, discusses how LATAM Airlines adopted advanced analytics tools in just a few weeks to accelerate the company’s understanding of their customers’ needs.(start at 35:58)

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