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How L&T Financial Services Processes 95% of Motorcycle Loans in Less Than Two Minutes

L&T Financial Services is one of the largest lenders in India. India’s demonetization policy in recent years has led to a shift from cash transactions to digital payments. In 2016, the government withdrew 500 and 1000 rupee notes from circulation and encouraged a heavily cash-based population to deposit their canceled notes in banks. Financial institutions needed to pivot to a new way of doing business to stay competitive. L&T Financial Services modernized its IT infrastructure to keep up with changes and capture digital opportunities.

“Working capital is crucial to stimulate growth in rural communities. Our role as a lender is to provide access to funds. We don’t want to burden borrowers with the complexities of getting a loan. Towards this end, digitization is an important step,” says Dinanath Dubhashi, Managing Director and CEO at L&T Financial Services. “Google Cloud helps us streamline service delivery and identify the right customers. By offering the fastest processing time in the industry, we want to be the go-to lender for all customers.”

L&T Financial Services considered multiple cloud providers before choosing Google Cloud. According to Dinanath, Google Cloud understands both the need for businesses to move fast and the need for IT to modernize at different speeds. “We weren’t forced to abandon existing IT systems and migrate lock, stock, and barrel to Google Cloud on day one.”

L&T Financial Services engaged Google Cloud Professional Services to guide its digital transformation journey. The smooth migration from proof of concept to full-scale deployment on Google Cloud took a matter of months.

“Collaboration: a small idea with big opportunities. G Suite helps us connect remote branches with the head office, easily access shared files to submit and track approvals, and conduct face-to-face discussions to accelerate approval processes.”

—Dinanath Dubhashi, MD and CEO, L&T Financial Services

Digitizing the workforce with G Suite

The move to the cloud at L&T Financial Services started in 2017 when the company introduced G Suite to its 14,500 employees. The legacy email system was cumbersome to use, especially for frontline staff who need email access while they are on the road. Using Gmail, employees can connect with customers and co-workers from anywhere, on any device. Employees save time by scheduling meetings with Calendar, collaborating on Docs, and conducting video calls using Hangouts Meet.

Converting data into credit insights using BigQuery

Taking data intelligence one step further, L&T Financial Services adopts a responsible lending approach by applying algorithm-based data analytics to improve credit standards. Beyond traditional data such as credit score and credit payment history, the company also considers macro-economic indicators for risk audits. For example, a farmer’s ability to pay off the loan of his new tractor depends on a successful planting and harvest. So L&T Financial Services feeds long-term data into BigQuery and runs queries to predict loan defaults based on rainfall and crop yield.

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