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Guide: How to Accelerate App Development with Google Cloud

Cloud-native, Kubernetes, Serverless have been the hottest and most widely discussed topics given the velocity and agility benefits. Learn more about how you can leverage these modern app development practices to ship software faster, while reducing costs and improving security and compliance. Learn how Google Cloud lets you modernize existing applications at your own pace using these technologies. Regardless of where you are in your app modernization journey, join this session to learn how to improve the developer experience and deliver software faster.

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Le Figaro Uses Google Firebase to Personalize Experiences and Generates 3X Revenue Results

Le Figaro, established in 1826, is France's oldest and largest daily morning newspaper. The company’s mission is to provide timely, digestible and engaging news to their readers. As one of the first in the industry to offer digital content, Le Figaro engages their subscribers across 11 Android, iOS and web

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BPAY: Uncovering New Business Opportunities with APIs

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APIs and IT Rationalization: Cost Avoidance and Cost Savings for Enterprise IT

The dynamic and fast-moving business environments of today demands that technology leaders and teams deliver more at a lightning speed, all the while working within the constraints of shoe-string budgets and tight project timelines. Winning in today’s environment requires a more strategic approach to optimize utilization of resources, remove unnecessary

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Cutting Costs and Accelerating Development with API Management

Google Cloud Results Reduced API management costs 34%Develops new features in days versus monthsFixes issues quickly by writing codeManages 15B API calls per month without outages Austin, Texas-based Bazaarvoice switched to Apigee for its API platform because of its competitive pricing and feature set. But another benefit soon became apparent to Bazaarvoice engineers: the