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Case Study

Delivering analysis-ready financial data at scale

Refinitiv, is a leading provider of financial market data. It serves over 40,000 institutions and operates in 190 countries.

“We’re constantly looking at solving some of the most difficult problems our users face when accessing new data sets as well as onboarding new sources that will be relevant for workflows across the front, middle, and back office,” says Catalina Vazquez, Proposition Director, Tick History, Refinitiv.

For every dollar spent on financial market data, a further eight are spent in processing, storing, and transforming that data before it can be analyzed. That’s a problem Refinitiv wanted to get at.

Refinitiv partnered with Google Cloud to deliver instant access to 25 years of financial markets data. What was formerly delivered by hard disk then managed by hand is now provided automatically with BigQuery.

Watch Tom Salmon, Customer Engineer, Google Cloud and Catalina Vazquez and learn how Refinitiv addressed key challenges by designing their architecture with Google Cloud’s simplicity, security, scale, and speed in mind.

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