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Creating Value With the Breadth and Depth of AI Platform

Watch Craig Wiley, Director of Product Management – Google Cloud, as he breaks down and simplifies AI for enterprises and the adoption of AI.

“As I think about AI, fundamentally AI  only does two things. One it helps you grow your market,  increase subscribership, increase users, increase their spend or increase their conversion. Or it helps you in the back-end. It can drive efficiencies, reduce costs and drive out waste from the system.

He also talks about how customers have unlocked the power of data by utilizing Google’s AI Platform. From APIs to AutoML to writing your own model code, he will show real-world examples of how customers create value, and critical tips on how to accelerate your own AI journey.

Finally, he will show how can Google Cloud maps business strategy to the right AI absorption strategy and the different ways that Google Cloud can help you deploy AI without compromising flexibility speed, quality or scale.

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