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Breakthrough Insights Across the Life Sciences Value Chain

New science and patient centricity require increasing reliance on data and deeper insights.

Accenture’s life sciences customers have been demanding answers to this need, and want a solution with an open platform.

Enter INTIENT, Accenture’s life sciences platform that is powered by Google Cloud.

INTIENT generates insights throughout the life sciences value chain from early research through pivotal clinical trials all the way through to delivering care to patients.

In this video, Kevin Julian, Senior Managing Director, Life Sciences, Accenture and Michael Stapleton, Senior Industry Executive, Accenture, discuss enables ground-breaking possibilities through applied intelligence, including the development of personalized therapeutics tailored to a patient’s genetic makeup, the utilization of real world data/evidence in clinical trials, better identification of patients for trials, development of digital therapeutics, and improved patient outcomes — in other words, better regimen adherence.

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