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Case Study

An Indian Example of How to Really Up Your Customer Experience Game and Increase Conversion Rates With AI

How about selfie analysis of users to recommend them the right lipstick color?

That’s just one of the many ideas folks at Purplle.com came up with to improve the buying experience of Indian consumers.

And without the power of Google Cloud, it would probably have remained just that…an idea.

But today, thanks to Google Cloud, “Nothing seems impossible,” says Suyash Katyayani, CTO, Purplle.

Purplle.com is an online e-commerce company in India and one of the pioneers in creating a digitally-native beauty brands in India.

“The beauty industry is so data intensive that we needed to have a strong data strategy and we were looking out for solutions which would enable us to have a strong data pipeline and a strong data warehousing solution,” says Katyayani.

That’s when it turned to Google Cloud.

Additionally, Purplle.com, says Katyayani, does not have to worry about at what scale the company operates at because they have access to state-of-the-art infrastructure from Google Cloud available to them so that their developers can run experiments.

“The biggest plus point for us has been the agility that Google Cloud has added,” says Katyayani.

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