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Accelerating Insights with the Health Analytics Platform

The healthcare industry is beset with a data challenge, specifically clinical data, and challenges around the proliferation of EHR instances and ancillary clinical systems.

In this video, Vivian Neilley, Solution Architect, Google Cloud and Marianne Slight, Product Manager, Google Cloud discuss how some of these challenges can be overcome with the Health Analytics Platform.

The Health Analytics Platform enables companies who have healthcare data in multiple sources on their own infrastructure to harmonize data across systems, monitor analytics, and create compelling visualizations that enable easier decision-making.

This new product suite allows for healthcare and life science organizations to manage data pipelines and run advanced analytics on managed infrastructure with interactive UIs and health data-aware features.

The Health Analytics Platform provides and end-to-end solution, from ingestion of data to harmonization to a common data model, to dashboard visualizations and machine learning.

Whether organizations leverage a data lake or are utilizing a full data warehouse approach, the platform gives users the flexibility to meet customers where they are today. This session will demonstrate how to leverage the health analytics platform to accelerate time to insights in a healthcare or life sciences organization.

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