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A Guide to Anthos: the App Modernization Platform for Hybrid and Multi-cloud Deployments

Anthos gives you a consistent platform for all your application deployments, both legacy as well as cloud native, while offering a service-centric view of all your environments.

You can build enterprise-grade containerized applications faster with managed Kubernetes on cloud and on-premises environments. Create a fast, scalable software delivery pipeline with cloud-native tooling and guidance.

It also helps leverage a programmatic, outcome-focused approach to managing policies for apps across environments, and enable greater awareness and control with a unified view of your services’ health and performance.

Tune in to this brief explainer video for an overview of Anthos, deployment examples, and explore options to get started illustrated through a demo with Bradley Wong, Product Manager at Google Cloud. Learn to make the best first step in your journey of application modernization and gain a clear understanding of the value of Anthos for your hybrid and multi-cloud workloads.

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Build, Deploy, Modernize and Manage Apps Using Anthos

Anthos enables platform teams to defragment application delivery across hybrid and multi cloud. Learn how Anthos provides a consistent runtime and operational experience for a platform team to enable developers to move at an agile pace while minimizing operational overhead.