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Case Study

Zeotap Uses Big Data to Enable Personalized, Precision Marketing at Scale

Customers today expect brands to know what they want. In fact, Forbes cited that 71% of customers feel frustrated when the shopping experience is impersonal. From interests to purchase habits, companies need to target customers effectively in order to stand out from the plethora of competitors in the online marketplace. "Our mission


Predict User Churn on Gaming Apps with Google Analytics Data using BigQuery ML

User retention can be a major challenge for mobile game developers. According to the Mobile Gaming Industry Analysis in 2019, most mobile games only see a 25% retention rate for users after the first day. To retain a larger percentage of users after their first use of an app, developers can

Case Study

The Right Datawarehouse Helps Fight Climate Change, While Improving Customer Experience

When you think about climate change, you might not consider a daily commute to work or a drive around town as big contributing factors. And yet, transport is the fastest growing source of CO2 emissions from fossil fuel, which in turn is the largest contributor to climate change. This is the key insight