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Case Study

Delivering analysis-ready financial data at scale

Refinitiv, is a leading provider of financial market data. It serves over 40,000 institutions and operates in 190 countries. “We're constantly looking at solving some of the most difficult problems our users face when accessing new data sets as well as onboarding new sources that will be relevant for workflows


Building Data Lakes on Google Cloud

A data lake is a centralized and a secure data platform for ingesting, storing, processing, and analyzing all your data--structured semi-structured and unstructured data--at scale. “When we work with our customers we find out that the traditional approach for building data lakes, where you bring data from different sources and


Analytics in a Multi-Cloud World with BigQuery Omni

Enterprises have more data at hand than they have ever had in the past. But are unable to leverage it fully. “We have all of this data at our fingertips. But we just can't quite get to it because we're living in this world of data silos,” says Emily Rapp,