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Case Study

How Cleartrip.com is leveraging Google Cloud to survive the slump in the travel industry

With the novel coronavirus COVID-19 sweeping across continents and fatalities climbing every day, it was only a matter of time before countries closed their borders to contain its spread. In the wake of this decision, travel and tourism, the linchpins of many economies, were among the worst affected. According to


Data Catalog for Data Discovery and Metadata Management

Data discovery and metadata management is a common pain point for most enterprises. Data Catalog is a managed service that addresses this pain point with a scalable and performant solution. “Data catalog, simply put, enables users to discover, understand, and manage all their data assets,” says Shekhar Bapat, Product Manager,

Case Study

How Ather Energy is leveraging the Cloud to build and scale smart mobility solutions for India

In 2013, long before the world was discussing clean energy and sustainable practices, two IIT Madras graduates — Swapnil Jain and Tarun Mehta — had an idea to develop India’s first-ever electrical scooter. This was at a time when auto manufacturers were still focusing on fossil-fuel-driven vehicles and ‘eco-friendly’ mobility

Case Study

Scaling Data-Driven Insights Across a Complex Global Organization with Looker and BigQuery

In this video, SpringML and Iron Mountain share how migrating data to Google Cloud not only saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in licensing consolidation but allows stakeholders across a complex global organization to: Consolidate 1,200 data management applications into one data lakeUnify information governance practices across disparate corporate verticals


What’s New in BigQuery, Google Cloud’s Modern Data Warehouse

The demands that today's enterprise has from data go far beyond the capabilities of traditional data warehousing. For many leaders, the need to digitally transform their businesses is a key driver for data analytics spending. Businesses want to make real-time decisions from fresh information as well as make predictions from


Lead Your Company Towards Data-Powered Innovation

In this talk, Lak Lakshmanan, Head of Analytics and AI Solutions, Google Cloud, presents a prescriptive, proven approach to foster the ability of your organization to innovate with data. This approach has helped other Google Cloud customers handle key challenges around data size, speed, and a (lack of) structure. This