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Redefining and Simplifying Security Analytics

Today’s security professionals face not only an ever-expanding list of threats, old and new, but also an excruciating choice of security approaches and tools. Nearly 2000 security vendors are trying to sell to large enterprises and small businesses. Most organizations have already invested heavily in cybersecurity solutions. From firewalls to


Why Enterprises Should Choose Google Cloud for their SAP Workloads

Change is a constant for SAP customers. Now more than ever, SAP customers need solutions that provide them business agility, rock solid availability and security and true economic value. Learn how Google Cloud can guide your SAP journey to the cloud with simple and no cost migrations, powerful infrastructure and


Modernize Your Security Posture for Cloud-Native Applications with Anthos

Modern security approaches have moved beyond a traditional perimeter-based security model. As many organizations seek to adopt cloud-native architectures and are deploying applications in hybrid and multi-cloud environments they demand a more flexible and extensible approach towards security. Learn how to address security issues as early in the development and