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AI-as-a-Service is Here. It’s Really Almost Plug-and-Play

What is the one thing that enterprises want providers to do vis-à-vis AI?

To decomplexify it.

Today, the path to AI adoption is confusing, and requires skills that are out of reach for most enterprises.

That’s what Google Cloud is addressing.

“It used to be—still is true—that AI’s a pretty technical field. It’s also young enough that not every business has the kind of AI talent that Stanford or Google has, so the barrier of entry is pretty high. So we’ve been thinking about how to lower the barrier of entry for businesses to use AI,” says Dr. Fei-Fei Li, the Chief Scientist of AI/ML at Google. She oversees bringing AI technology to the enterprise world through Google Cloud.

Google Cloud’s doing that with AutoML.

“Lots and lots of businesses and people need customization, and they don’t have that capacity to do it from data curation all the way to creating the model. So we saw that as an important opportunity and created this new product called AutoML, starting from image understanding or image tagging. It’s really almost a plug and play—that customers can give us their data that they want to label, and we build a specific customized model for them to use.”

Find out more about AutoML.

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