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Case Study

How the Telegraph is Reimagining Media with Google Cloud

Whether they’re reading the newspaper on the way to work, or catching up on the latest headlines on their smartphones, readers expect up-to-the-minute news wherever and whenever makes the most sense for them. As a result, media companies are increasingly looking for ways to improve, expand, and simplify their offerings,


Cloud as an Innovation Platform in Capital Markets

Public cloud, big data, and AI technologies offer competitive advantages and cost savings for capital markets firms ready to make the transition. This paper discusses the three phases capital markets firms go through in transitioning to public cloud, and the workloads, benefits, and cultural changes that characterize the three phases:

Case Study

How Cleartrip.com is leveraging Google Cloud to survive the slump in the travel industry

With the novel coronavirus COVID-19 sweeping across continents and fatalities climbing every day, it was only a matter of time before countries closed their borders to contain its spread. In the wake of this decision, travel and tourism, the linchpins of many economies, were among the worst affected. According to

Case Study

Cloud Bigtable brings database stability and performance to Precognitive

At Precognitive, we were able to start with a blank technology slate to support our fraud detection software products. When we started building the initial version of our platform in 2017, we had some decisions to make: What coding language to use? What cloud infrastructure provider to choose? What database