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Intel has a 16-year strategic partnership with Google to modernize infrastructure and how infrastructure is delivered around a multi-cloud vision. Intel instances in Google Cloud offer balanced performance to suit virtually every workload: HPC, Big Compute, Analytics, Databases, SAP, VMWare, and AI.

Pave the way for continuous innovation while satisfying your current budget demands by choosing Intel instances in Google Cloud. Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors deliver built-in acceleration and cost-efficient options that can speed customer workloads while reducing your cloud expenditures.

Bring your VMWare workloads, in a native VMware environment, seamlessly and simply into Google Cloud with Intel technology. Leverage the speed and data availability of SAP HANA on Google Cloud with Intel instances and accelerate decision-making in your enterprise.

With Intel technologies as your foundation, seamlessly adopt cloud services and unlock the power of cloud in your digital transformation journey.

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