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State of DevOps 2018: Strategies for a New Economy



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A Guide to Accelerating Developer Productivity and Agility

Business needs for digital solutions have intensified the urgency for rapid application development and deployment. At the same time, widespread adoption of cloud computing has revolutionized the IT environment used by both enterprises and consumers. In addition, the acceleration of digital transformation has increased the availability of developer tools and

Case Study

Rapido: Finding the Quickest Route to Success with Google Maps Platform

Founded in 2015, Rapido operates a mobile app-based two-wheeler taxi service across more than 40 cities in India. More than 100,000 drivers provide Rapido two-wheeler taxi services, while more than 400,000 current or prospective drivers have downloaded the company's app. Consumers have downloaded the app more than 5 million times,


How to Build an API Program That Doesn’t Suck

Modern web APIs allow businesses to build compelling experiences that generate, consume, and combine digital assets. They’ve become the foundation upon which digital business is built. But the path to success can be unclear, rough, and challenging. The game has changed, after all, and this requires tossing out many of


Unlocking Business Acceleration in a Hybrid Cloud World

Across industries, CEOs share a top priority—harness technology to jump-start growth, accelerate time to market, and foster innovation. CIOs and other technology leaders recognize that the C-suite depends on them to achieve growth and meet rising expectations for agility. They increasingly view IT modernization—including migrating to the cloud, adopting new