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Redefining and Simplifying Security Analytics



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Three Lesser-Known Ways to Protect Your Customers and Business From Phishing and Fraud

Your users are critical to your business, and you need security controls to keep them — and your business — safe. Built from years of Google Cloud technology and experience, these security features focus on keeping users safe on the web. You can reduce online fraud (chargebacks, hijackings, and abuse)


Google Cloud Security Foundations Guide

Security in public clouds differs intrinsically from customer-owned infrastructure because there is shared responsibility for security between the customer and the cloud provider. Cloud Security is different from on-premises security because of the combination of the following: Differences in security primitives, visibility, and control points within the infrastructure, productsand services.New


Beaconing Malware: How CISOs Can Catch it With Threat Analytics in Just a Few Clicks

Are you checking your network for beacon activity? If you aren't you are risking your business' reputation and customer data. Beaconing is the practice of sending short and regular communications from an infected host to an attacker-controlled Command and Control server, compromising internal information. These threats often go undetected but with


A Security Practitioners Guide to Best Practice GCP Security

Building secure services using GCP is easy, when you know all the tools available to you. Selecting the right services and configurations to meet your security needs requires you to know your tools. In this practical session, you will go beyond the theory, and will go through best practices for