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Realize the True Potential of Omnichannel- Five Principles to Transform the Customer Experience



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Unburden Your Operations and Development Teams with Anthos

VMs are used to run the majority of services in enterprises. Whether due to specific technical requirements, developer preferences, or simply time and budget constraints, many applications are not moving to containers and Kubernetes yet. Think services firstMicroservices architectures present numerous benefits but also introduce challenges like added complexity and

Case Study

How This Leading Trading Company Uses APIs to Build Fintech Apps Quickly and Cost-Effectively

Tradier uses the Apigee API management platform from Google to abstract the legacy complexities of capital markets so that developers can build FinTech applications in an agile, nimble, and quick fashion at minimal cost. The company embodies the evolution of what cloud technology can enable in the form of an API-first business delivered

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Pinterest Case: Pinning Its Past, Present, and Future on Cloud Native

After eight years in existence, Pinterest had grown into 1,000 microservices and multiple layers of infrastructure and diverse set-up tools and platforms. In 2016 the company launched a roadmap towards a new computing platform, led by the vision of creating the fastest path from an idea to production, without making


A Guide to Anthos: the App Modernization Platform for Hybrid and Multi-cloud Deployments

Anthos gives you a consistent platform for all your application deployments, both legacy as well as cloud native, while offering a service-centric view of all your environments. You can build enterprise-grade containerized applications faster with managed Kubernetes on cloud and on-premises environments. Create a fast, scalable software delivery pipeline with