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New Technology: The Projected Total Economic Impact™ Of Google Cloud Contact Center AI



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World’s Largest Online-only Grocery Retailer Uses AI to Figure Which Customers Need Most Attention

In the United Kingdom, the popularity of online grocery shopping is expected to surge from about 6% of the market today to 9% by 2021, according to market research firm Mintel. One of the pioneers of online-only grocery retailing is Ocado, based in Hatfield, Hertfordshire in the U.K. Since starting commercial deliveries


Google Cloud’s AI Adoption Framework: Helping You Build a Transformative AI Capability

AI can help organizations improve the decision-making process across most business functions. However, building an effective AI capability encompasses more than just creating a technology platform. To do this effectively requires alignment to business objectives, strong executive sponsorship, and collaboration between skilled employees and strategic partners. Additionally, you need your


Smart analytics: Deep dive on roadmap

Data across organizations is growing and that organizations need a very strong analytics platform to leverage this data create insights and make real-time decisions on top of this data. That’s driving the advent of three large trends. First is the convergence of data lakes and data warehouses, that’s enable organizations


Driving Business Transformation in Manufacturing, Industrial, and Transportation Using Google Cloud and AI/ML

Google Cloud partners closely with manufacturing, industrial, and transportation organizations to drive business transformation. In this video, Mandeep Waraich, Head of Product - Industrial AI, Google Cloud, shares customer stories as well as Google Cloud’s differentiated AI products and solutions. Waraich covers the current state of automation and industrial efficiency