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Case Study

What Swiggy and You Can Learn From This Company’s Use of ML to Engage Customers

The app economy has enabled a huge range of unique business models to flourish. One such model is online food ordering and delivery services, in which apps leverage geo-location data to aggregate local food choices and offer personalized options to consumers. A leading company in this space is Just Eat.

Case Study

Don’t sweat the big stuff. Make it Google’s problem

Need to interpolate new time series data values over 5 billion rows? Don’t reach for python. Make that Google’s problem and do it in BigQuery. Need to aggregate petabytes of geospatial data across arbitrary polygons and put it on a map for analysis? Make that Google’s problem and use BQ-GIS.


How to Build a BI Dashboard With Google Data Studio and BigQuery

For as long as business intelligence (BI) has been around, visualization tools have played an important role in helping analysts and decision-makers quickly get insights from data. In our current era of big data analytics, that premise still holds. To provide an integrated platform for building BI dashboards on top

Case Study

redBus: Mastering Big Data with Google BigQuery

In 2006, online travel agency redBus introduced internet bus ticketing in India, unifying tens of thousands of bus schedules into a single booking operation. (Think of it as Expedia for bus booking.) Using BigQuery, redBus crunches terabytes of booking and inventory data in mere seconds and at a fraction of