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Are You Providing Sufficient Digital Leadership?

It has been seven years since Marc Andreesen’s famous article “Why Software is Eating the World” was published in the Wall Street Journal, and given the slow pace of change in many companies, some executives still may not be taking the threat of being “eaten” seriously enough.  Software, and platform


Accelerate App Development and Delivery: The Modern Way

Cloud-native, Kubernetes, Serverless have been the hottest and most widely discussed topics given the velocity and agility benefits. Learn more about how you can leverage these modern app development practices to ship software faster, while reducing costs and improving security and compliance. Learn how Google Cloud lets you modernize existing


Google is the Top Provider for Continuous Integration Tools, According to Forrester

Google’s continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) platform, Cloud Build, emerges as a Leader for Continuous Integration. “Google Cloud Build comes out swinging, going toe to toe with other cloud giants. Google Cloud Build is relatively new when compared to the other public cloud CI offerings, they had a

Case Study

Bigbasket: Delivering Groceries Across 25 Cities in India

When Bigbasket was founded in December 2011, it guaranteed to deliver goods within a one-hour delivery slot of its customers' choosing or it would refund them 10 percent of their orders. The company also introduced an express service, delivering groceries within 90 minutes of an order being placed. Bigbasket needed