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Managing the API Lifecycle: Design, Delivery, and Everything in Between



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Building APIs To Delight Customers: An In-depth Guide for Indian Businesses

Application programming interfaces, or APIs, are the way software talks to other software so by definition, they’re a technology that connects systems. Many enterprise leaders think of them primarily in these terms. For example, 57 percent of respondents to Google’s Enterprise Digital Maturity Assessment Tool, Apigee Compass, characterize APIs as

Case Study

How This Leading Trading Company Uses APIs to Build Fintech Apps Quickly and Cost-Effectively

Tradier uses the Apigee API management platform from Google to abstract the legacy complexities of capital markets so that developers can build FinTech applications in an agile, nimble, and quick fashion at minimal cost. The company embodies the evolution of what cloud technology can enable in the form of an API-first business delivered

Research Reports

Modernize your Windows Server Workloads using Google Cloud Platform

Application Modernization is an important enabler of Digital Transformations (DX), which fuel competitive advantage through increased productivity and business agility. Public cloud infrastructure proves to be a solid foundation for application modernization by providing Self-Service Provisioning capabilities, cloud-based & cloud-native technologies, and easier access to technology innovations such as AI/ML.


Project to Platform: Financing Digital Transformation

Financing digital transformation poses a significant problem for many enterprises we work with. It’s not because the C-suite doesn’t support it: the need to become more agile, digital, and data-driven is nearly ubiquitous in executive public pronouncements. But most large organizations look at IT investment in a way that’s ineffective