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Managing Change in the Cloud



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Case Study

How a Mid-Sized Firm is Shrinking Inventory Carryovers 50% with AI

For more than 10 years, NMK Textile Mills has manufactured bed linens for major retailers in the United States and Canada. As e-commerce exploded, the company’s co-founder saw an opportunity to grow the business. So, in addition to manufacturing bed linens wholesale for retail customers, NMK Textile Mills reworked its complete supply

Case Study

The Fantastic Story of How BMG Enables a Micropayments Strategy So Music Artists Get Paid

The music industry is rapidly changing. Only 20 years ago, the availability of music and the infrastructure that was required to make an album a sales success were incredibly complex and expensive. With the decline of physical sales and a fundamental shift to digital, music streaming now accounts for more

Case Study

Google Cloud Platform Gives Us 5x the Processing Power to Analyze Physician Performance at 75% Lower Cost

Patients about to undergo a healthcare procedure understandably want the best medical professionals they can get. But how can they know which doctors have had the most experience and the best outcomes with that particular procedure? How can they make an informed decision about which doctor to select when the


Google Cloud Garners Highest Score in Forrester New Wave for Computer Vision Platforms

In Forrester's evaluation of the emerging market for computer vision platforms, it identified the 11 most significant providers in the category — Amazon Web Services, Chooch AI, Clarifai, Deepomatic, EdgeVerve, Google, Hive, IBM, Microsoft, Neurala, and SAS — and evaluated them. Its report details its findings about how well each