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Case Study

Costa Mesa Sanitary District Demonstrates How Public Utilities Can Leverage ML for Management and Upkeep of Manholes

Local governments are embracing more modern and scalable ways to support their communities. In an effort to save both time and money, Costa Mesa Sanitary District  (“CMSD”) used machine learning to automate and streamline manhole maintenance. Manhole maintenance is an essential part of the upkeep of cities. Manholes provide critical


GCP Launches Datastream, A Serverless Change Data Capture and Replication Service

Today, we’re announcing Datastream, a serverless change data capture (CDC) and replication service, available now in preview. Datastream allows enterprises to synchronize data across heterogeneous databases, storage systems, and applications reliably and with minimal latency to support real-time analytics, database replication, and event-driven architectures. You can now easily and seamlessly deliver

Case Study

Google Cloud Migration Speeds Up The New York Times’ Journey to New Normal

Like virtually every business across the globe, The New York Times had to quickly adapt to the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic last year. Fortunately, our data system with Google Cloud positioned us to perform quickly and efficiently in the new normal.  How we use data We have an end-to-end type of

Case Study

Le Figaro Uses Google Firebase to Personalize Experiences and Generates 3X Revenue Results

Le Figaro, established in 1826, is France's oldest and largest daily morning newspaper. The company’s mission is to provide timely, digestible and engaging news to their readers. As one of the first in the industry to offer digital content, Le Figaro engages their subscribers across 11 Android, iOS and web