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Google Cloud’s AI Adoption Framework



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New Technology: The Projected Total Economic Impact™ Of Google Cloud Contact Center AI

According to Forrester Research, customers expect easy and effective customer service that builds positive emotional connections every time they interact with a brand or organization. Additionally, 40% of surveyed business leaders say that improving their organization’s customer experience (CX) is a high priority, ahead of initiatives like improving products and


Transitioning Kagglers to TPU with TF 2.x

Kaggle has, historically, become synonymous with machine learning competitions but it's much more than that. Kaggle is a data science platform. Over 5 million data scientists from all over the world come to Kaggle to not only not only participate in machine learning competitions but to learn data science build

Case Study

The True Story of How HotStar Broke a World-Record–Thanks to Firebase and Google BigQuery

Hotstar, India’s largest video streaming platform with 150 million monthly active users around the world, provides live-streaming of TV shows, movies, sports, and news on the go. By using a combination of Firebase products together, Hotstar safely rolled out new features to its watch screen during a major live-streaming event

Case Study

Bra Fit or Brad Pitt? Fun Moments of Using AI for Contact Centers

For many enterprises, the wish to tap into the power of AI is negated only by a lack of know-how: How AI works, what sort and how much data they will need to gather and structure correctly, and how to use the platforms that make AI adoption easier. Google understands