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ESG Report: Economic Advantages of Google BigQuery OnDemand Serverless Analytics



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Google Cloud named a leader in the Forrester Wave: Streaming Analytics

There’s a lot of pressure on companies today to become data-driven, but they need high-performing technology to make that a reality. As part of Google's larger cloud data analytics platform, Cloud Pub/Sub and Cloud Dataflow are designed for ease of use, scalability, and performance. Google Cloud unifies streaming analytics and batch processing the way


Reinventing geospatial analytics as only Google can do: Intelligent platform

Geospatial analytics is undergoing a fundamental change with the application of cloud computing products. Every day, data analysts need to understand the geospatial impact on their data and GIS professionals are finding themselves constrained by legacy technology that can’t keep pace with increasing data volume. Google Cloud’s geospatial analytics platform

Case Study

Don’t sweat the big stuff. Make it Google’s problem

Need to interpolate new time series data values over 5 billion rows? Don’t reach for python. Make that Google’s problem and do it in BigQuery. Need to aggregate petabytes of geospatial data across arbitrary polygons and put it on a map for analysis? Make that Google’s problem and use BQ-GIS.


What’s BigQuery and Why Should IT Managers Care?

Today it’s impossible for anyone working in IT teams to have a day go by without a discussion about data, analytics, and big data. Often these conversations veer towards BigQuery. Many IT managers are unsure what BigQuery is and what it does. If you are one of them, you aren’t