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Cloud Dataprep: The Easiest Way to Cleanse Data

Anyone who has worked with data has felt the pain of data preparation. It’s a struggle—if you are working with the wrong tools—to massage data or cleanse data of anomalies, outliers, and just plain old dirty data. Eric Anderson, a Product Manager at Google working on Cloud Dataprep and a

Case Study

What Swiggy and You Can Learn From This Company’s Use of ML to Engage Customers

The app economy has enabled a huge range of unique business models to flourish. One such model is online food ordering and delivery services, in which apps leverage geo-location data to aggregate local food choices and offer personalized options to consumers. A leading company in this space is Just Eat.


What is Dataflow?

What is Dataflow, and how can you use it for your data processing needs? In this episode of Google Cloud Drawing Board, Priyanka Vergadia walks you through Dataflow, a serverless system for processing and enriching data, supporting both streaming and batch models. Here's what's inside: 0:00 - 0:14 Video snapshot0:15

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Google Data Studio Makes Reporting a Breeze For Genesys

As a customer experience platform, Genesys helps clients nurture great relationships with customers, and creates seamless user journeys across all channels and devices. Its technologies are used by more than 10,000 companies in over 100 countries, making Genesys the top provider of its kind for 25 years in a row.