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A CIO’s Guide to Application Migration



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A CIO’s Guide to Application Modernization

Even before the current crisis, IT organizations saw pressure to be more agile and innovative. Customer demographics and expectations are changing. Competition is emerging faster and from unexpected sources. Business models are being reinvented. Digital technology was at the heart of many of these challenges, and its adoption was key

Case Study

Khan Academy’s Shortcut to Growth: The Trick Behind the Scenes

Based in Mountain View, California, Khan Academy is a not-for-profit that produces and posts a vast collection of free educational online videos about math and science topics ranging from algebra and trigonometry to biology and economics. Millions of students, educators, and self-learners around the world watch the videos, both on the Khan


Driving Digital Success: Three ROI Criteria for Competitive Advantage

Choosing ROI criteria that drive smart decisions about digital investments is necessary to win in the app economy. But according to an Apigee Institute survey of IT and Marketing executives, there is a wide gap between what corporate leaders believe are the best ROI metrics and what are actually used in most


Realize the True Potential of Omnichannel- Five Principles to Transform the Customer Experience

Most organisations trying to create an omni-channel customer experience approach the strategy in a siloed and individual manner. Often, businesses focus more on delivering a checklist of individual assets than enabling cohesive experiences as per the customer’s requirement. A comprehensive omni-channel strategy should not merely focus on the forms of