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How to Migrate an Oracle Database to Google Cloud

As more enterprises migrate a growing number of workloads to the cloud, migrating databases, too, has become a key focus. But migrating databases is also really tough. This is due to a number of different reasons. The first one is that there's a lot of proprietary technology and functionality that's

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Is it Cheaper to Run Oracle Workloads on Google Cloud Than On-Prem? Yes, By 78%

On-premises relational database management systems (RDBMS) are the traditional heart of many core business operations, but cloud-based relational databases provide the agility and scalability of the cloud while eliminating many of the onerous tasks associated with maintaining your own infrastructure. To find out how much more value cloud-based relational databases


Why–and How–You Should Migrate Oracle Workloads to Google Cloud

If you are like many of your peers you are looking to Google Cloud to reduce overheads, drive innovation, and agility with a wide variety of databases for your Oracle workloads. From Bare Metal Solution to cloud-native databases, Google Cloud offers the infrastructure to meet your needs. The Benefits Optimizing


Guide: Bring new life to your databases with an Oracle migration

Organizations today are being forced to make difficult decisions. Innovation has moved down the list for many companies, replaced with realities like making sure your business systems stay up and running during a disaster, managing unexpected shifts in demand,and above all, staying in business. In the short term, this means

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Replacing Oracle with Cloud Spanner: What Optiva Learnt

Optiva is a Canada-based provider of business support system (BSS) and Operations Support Systems (OSS) software and services to the telecommunications vertical. Optiva sought to improve its product offering. In the way were very tough challenges including a need for accuracy, the need to deal with very high volumes, the


Migrating From Oracle OLTP System to Cloud Spanner

Spanner uses certain concepts differently from other enterprise database management tools, so you might need to adjust your application to take full advantage of its capabilities. You might also need to supplement Spanner with other services from Google Cloud to meet your needs. Migration constraints When you migrate your application