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What is Cloud SQL for SQL Server? And What Do IT Departments Say About It?

At Google Cloud, we develop our database services to meet the needs of enterprise teams wherever they are in their cloud journey. That is why we announce launched Cloud SQL for SQL Server and make it available to all of our customers. This addition to our database lineup means you can migrate

Case Study

Groupe Dauphinoise Grows it Customer Base with G Suite and Google Cloud Platform

As a leading French agricultural cooperative, Groupe Dauphinoise places collaboration at the heart of its philosophy. Working with farmers in the Rhone-Alpes region, Groupe Dauphinoise takes on a diverse range of activities from agricultural production to research and development to running retail outlets. As its operations expanded and strained its


DR for Cloud: Architecting Microsoft SQL Server with Google Cloud

Database disaster recovery (DR) planning is an important component of a bigger DR plan, and for enterprises using Microsoft SQL Server on Compute Engine, it often involves critical data. When you’re architecting a disaster recovery solution with Microsoft SQL Server running on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), you have some decisions to make

Trend Analysis

11 Reasons Why Developers and DB Admins in APAC Are Moving to Google Cloud SQL From AWS RDS

We wanted to find out which of the most popular database services on two of the biggest cloud provider (AWS and Google), developers preferred to use. More specifically, we wanted views from enterprises in the region (it's hard to impossible to find data that's specific to India.) To simplify our

Case Study

Daffodil Software Saves Hundreds of Hours Managing Databases with Google Cloud SQL

Daffodil Software is an India-based information technology services company with 180 employees and satellite offices in the US, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates. Its product: A suite of web-based applications, including a business customer relationship management (CRM) program and an enterprise resource planning (ERP) app for schools. Daffodil’s Challenge


Migrate Your Microsoft SQL Server Workloads to Google Cloud

Enterprise database workloads are the backbone of many of your applications and ecosystems. Also, guaranteed availability is critical when choosing a cloud provider. Many enterprises built their mission-critical applications on Microsoft SQL Server 2008, and it’s common still to run into older versions of SQL Server as you’re working toward