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What is Google Cloud SQL?

Cloud SQL is a fully managed relational database for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server. It reduces maintenance cost and automates database provisioning, storage capacity management, replication, and backups. It offers quick setup, with standard connection drivers and built-in migration tools. How Do You Set It Up? Cloud SQL is easy

Case Study

PaGaLGuY Turns to Google Cloud Platform to Power Leading India Education Network

Founded in 2006, PaGaLGuY started as a forum that enabled students, typically aged between 20 and 30 to discuss and seek advice on academic issues. By 2011, PaGaLGuY had increased its traffic to about 250,000 page views per month. The business is now one of India’s largest education networks and

According to the Mobile Gaming Industry Analysis in 2019, most mobile games only see a 25% retention rate for users after the first day.


Why Data Cloud Matters for Business Transformation

I’m so excited to be part of Google Cloud. Data has been a longstanding part of my career and it is at the heart of business transformation. Many companies have mastered the ability to collect data and have mechanisms in place to draw on some of it to solve business

Case Study

AgroStar: Small farms in India getting big help from the cloud

AgroStar has launched a cloud-based mobile app that is helping to boost crop yields and encourage best practices for small farmers in India. Launched as an on-premises ecommerce platform selling farm tools in 2008, the firm turned to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to expand its offering. It now uses cloud-based analytics and is


What is Cloud SQL for SQL Server? And What Do IT Departments Say About It?

At Google Cloud, we develop our database services to meet the needs of enterprise teams wherever they are in their cloud journey. That is why we announce launched Cloud SQL for SQL Server and make it available to all of our customers. This addition to our database lineup means you can migrate

Case Study

The Right Datawarehouse Helps Fight Climate Change, While Improving Customer Experience

When you think about climate change, you might not consider a daily commute to work or a drive around town as big contributing factors. And yet, transport is the fastest growing source of CO2 emissions from fossil fuel, which in turn is the largest contributor to climate change. This is the key insight