New Enterprise Capabilities and Changes to Cloud Spanner Reduces Cost of Running Workloads by 90 Percent

Customers love Cloud Spanner because it gives them the benefits of relational semantics and SQL while also delivering the scale and availability of non-relational databases. Many of these customers want to move even more of their work to Spanner, and have requested smaller instance sizes to support development, testing and

Case Study

Mid-Sized B2B Firm Achieves the Business Trifecta with a Single Strategy

Thirteen years’ experience in e-commerce has given Teddy Chan, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer, AfterShip, a deep understanding of the challenges of shipping and tracking packages to customers worldwide. “The key problem many merchants face is customers asking ‘where is my order?’ and ‘when I will get the package?’”

Case Study

Seven-Eleven Japan Leverages Google Cloud’s Performance and Speed for Real-time Business Insights

With the rise of technologies like smartphones, retailers have felt the pressure to meet evolving consumer needs and expectations. Seven-Eleven Japan(“SEJ”) has long been on the forefront of this thanks to the way they develop and invest in IT. However, in recent years, Japan’s leading convenience store chain has struggled