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What is Cloud Spanner and Is It the Right Database for You?

You’ve probably heard about Cloud Spanner, but what exactly does it do that is so different from other databases out there? How do you know if it’s worth spending your valuable time trying out? Cloud Spanner is the first enterprise-grade, globally distributed, and strongly consistent database service built for the

Case Study

Case Study: When Database Choice Powers New Revenue-driving Product Features

Editor’s note: Streak makes a CRM add-on for Gmail, and recently adopted Cloud Spanner to take advantage of its scalability and SQL capabilities to implement a graph data model. Read on to learn about their decision, what they love about the system, and the ways in which it still needs

Case Study

Google Cloud’s Firebase Realtime Database and BigQuery AllowsCastbox to Ramp Up Customer Experience

Demand for spoken audio content such as podcasts remains robust despite the proliferation of video services and other entertainment options for consumers. Shibin Li, Co-founder of Castbox, credits growth of the global podcast platform to the following: speed and availability, market-leading features, the proliferation of smart devices to deliver audio content,


Quick Tips to Get the Most Out of Cloud Spanner

Today, IT Admins and DBAs are inundated with thankless tasks. But they no longer have to deal with that. With Cloud Spanner, they can focus on value-add and innovation instead of maintenance. Creating or scaling a globally replicated database for mission-critical apps now takes a handful of clicks. Industry-leading high-availability

Case Study

How Moving Database to the Cloud Helped Recruit Technologies Gain Higher Availability and Lower Cost

There are just under 8 billion people on Earth, depending on the source. Here at Recruit, our work is to develop and maintain an email marketing system that sends personalized emails to tens of millions of customers of hundreds of web services, all with the goal of providing the best,

Case Study

Held Back by Database Scalability, This Financial Services Company Switches to Google Cloud and Cloud Spanner

Azimut Group operates an international network of companies handling investment and asset management, mutual funds, hedge funds, and insurance. Founded in Milan, Italy in 1988, Azimut Group today has branches in fifteen countries, including Brazil, China, and the USA. “We have subsidiaries and manage funds all over the world,” explains Simone