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Case Study

Behind the Scenes: How eBay Provides its Customers New Shopping Experiences

“If it exists in the world, you are likely to find it on eBay.” So they say. With 180 million buyers and a global presence in over 190 markets, it’s probably true. A company that emerged out of the ashes of the dot-com bubble, eBay today is one of the


Bigtable’s High Performance and Low Opex is Great for Building Personalization

Customer expectations have shifted as a result of evolving needs. Across industries, customers expect that you treat them as individuals, and demonstrate how well you understand and serve their unique needs. This concept—personalization—is the idea that you’re delivering a tailored experience to each customer corresponding to their needs and preferences;


Google Cloud Leads the Landscape for Unstructured Data Security Platform: Forrester

As organizations expand their use of cloud computing services, more of their sensitive data inevitably moves to and lives in the cloud. Much of this sensitive data is unstructured and can be challenging to secure. Despite this potential challenge, the usefulness of cloud for data storage and processing is too

Case Study

Combining IoT and Analytics to Warn Manufacturers of Line Break Downs and Increase Profitability

Oden Technologies is using the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve the factories of today. The giant network of “things” (including people) connected to each other via the Internet has the potential to reduce waste, increase efficiency, and improve safety across all walks of life. Oden is leading IoT innovation in

Trend Analysis

Quick Watch on Six Database Trends

In a data-driven, global, always-on world, databases are the engines that let businesses innovate and transform. As databases get more sophisticated and more organizations look for managed database services to handle infrastructure needs, there are a few key trends we’re seeing. Here’s what to watch.


AI Features in Apigee X Helps Build and Manage APIs at Scale

APIs are the backbone of digital transformation. Via APIs, you can securely share data and functionality with developers both inside and outside of your organizational boundaries, letting you build applications faster, seamlessly connect and interact with partners, and drive new business revenue.  Because APIs encompass business-critical information, any downtime or