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Case Study

How Spotify Serves Personalized Music Recommendations

Music for everyone. That’s Spotify’s promise. And it lives up to it by serving over 140 million music lovers across the world.  Every day it renders personalized music recommendations to hundreds of millions of happy customers.“Spotify is a global business with a global user base. Being able to provide a

Case Study

Behind the Scenes: How eBay Provides its Customers New Shopping Experiences

“If it exists in the world, you are likely to find it on eBay.” So they say. With 180 million buyers and a global presence in over 190 markets, it’s probably true. A company that emerged out of the ashes of the dot-com bubble, eBay today is one of the

Case Study

Combining IoT and Analytics to Warn Manufacturers of Line Break Downs and Increase Profitability

Oden Technologies is using the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve the factories of today. The giant network of “things” (including people) connected to each other via the Internet has the potential to reduce waste, increase efficiency, and improve safety across all walks of life. Oden is leading IoT innovation in