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How BigQuery’s Unique Features Support Your Data at Petabyte-scale

Organizations rely on data warehouses to aggregate data from disparate sources, process it, and make it available for data analysis in support of strategic decision-making. BigQuery is the Google Cloud enterprise data warehouse designed to help organizations to run large scale analytics with ease and quickly unlock actionable insights. You


Google Cloud Announces General Availability of BigQuery Row-level Security

Data security is an ongoing concern for anyone managing a data warehouse. Organizations need to control access to data, down to the granular level, for secure access to data both internally and externally. With the complexity of data platforms increasing day by day, it's become even more critical to identify


How Google’s Customer Data Platform Helps Retail Brands Offer Data-driven , Personalized CX

Retail companies need customer insights to deliver personalized experiences that impact revenue generation and cost savings. Watch how Google Cloud's customer data platform helps brands integrate and build holistic view of data in silos to drive marketing and customer service success.


New Capabilities in BigQuery to Ease Anomalies Detection in the Absence of Labeled Data

When it comes to anomaly detection, one of the key challenges that many organizations face is that it can be difficult to know how to define what an anomaly is. How do you define and anticipate unusual network intrusions, manufacturing defects, or insurance fraud? If you have labeled data with


Make Meaningful Analysis with Geo Boundary Public Datasets on BigQuery

Geospatial data is a critical component for a comprehensive analytics strategy. Whether you are trying to visualize data using geospatial parameters or do deeper analysis or modeling on customer distribution or proximity, most organizations have some type of geospatial data they would like to use - whether it be customer


BigQuery Now Supports Multi-statement Transactions

Mercury, the Roman god of commerce, is often depicted carrying a purse, symbolic of business transactions, wearing winged sandals, illustrating his abilities to move at great speeds. Transactions power the world’s business systems today, ranging from millions of packages moving worldwide tracked in real time by logistics companies to global