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Two Ways to Deploy SAP HANA System on Google Cloud

Many of the world’s leading companies run on SAP—and deploying it on Google Cloud extends the benefits of SAP even further. Migrating your current SAP S/4HANA deployment to Google Cloud—whether it resides on your company’s on-premises servers or another cloud service—provides your organization with a flexible virtualized architecture that lets


New to Cloud Functions? Here’s What You Need to Learn

Cloud Functions is a fully managed event-driven serverless function-as-a-service (FaaS). It is a small piece of code that runs in response to an event. Because it is fully managed, developers can just write the code and deploy it without worrying about managing the servers or scaling up/down with traffic spikes.

Case Study

Cloud Bigtable Helps Fraud-detection Company Meet Scalability Demands and Secure Customer Data

Editor’s note: Today we are hearing from Jono MacDougall , Principal Software Engineer at Ravelin. Ravelin delivers market-leading online fraud detection and payment acceptance solutions for online retailers. To help us meet the scaling, throughput, and latency demands of our growing roster of large-scale clients, we migrated to Google Cloud and its


What’s New in Retail: Bits from Google Cloud’s Retail & Consumer Goods Summit

Today we’re hosting our Retail & Consumer Goods Summit, a digital event dedicated to helping leading retailers and brands digitally transform their business. For me, this is a personally exciting moment, as I see tremendous opportunities for those companies that choose to focus on their customers and leverage technology to elevate


Google Maps’ Cloud-based Styling Features Betters UX, Control and Flexibility

This year at Google I/O, we announced the general availability of Cloud-based maps styling for the Maps JavaScript API. In an effort to provide you with more options and more control to help create the best experience for your users, today we’re releasing new features to Cloud-based maps styling. You may


Google Cloud Announces General Availability of BigQuery Row-level Security

Data security is an ongoing concern for anyone managing a data warehouse. Organizations need to control access to data, down to the granular level, for secure access to data both internally and externally. With the complexity of data platforms increasing day by day, it's become even more critical to identify