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Research Reports

Is it Cheaper to Run Oracle Workloads on Google Cloud Than On-Prem? Yes, By 78%

On-premises relational database management systems (RDBMS) are the traditional heart of many core business operations, but cloud-based relational databases provide the agility and scalability of the cloud while eliminating many of the onerous tasks associated with maintaining your own infrastructure. To find out how much more value cloud-based relational databases


Guide: Bring new life to your databases with an Oracle migration

Organizations today are being forced to make difficult decisions. Innovation has moved down the list for many companies, replaced with realities like making sure your business systems stay up and running during a disaster, managing unexpected shifts in demand,and above all, staying in business. In the short term, this means

Case Study

Skincare Firm Scales 4X in Minutes with SAP on Google Cloud

As the number one skincare brand in the United States, Rodan + Fields must support its team of over 300,000 of independent contractors as well as work to ensure a really personalized experience for customers. To keep pace with the company’s growth, Rodan + Fields realized it needed a more

Case Study

The Fantastic Story of How BMG Enables a Micropayments Strategy So Music Artists Get Paid

The music industry is rapidly changing. Only 20 years ago, the availability of music and the infrastructure that was required to make an album a sales success were incredibly complex and expensive. With the decline of physical sales and a fundamental shift to digital, music streaming now accounts for more

Case Study

How Do You Cut Costs and Improve Staff Productivity, and Business Visibility? Ascend Money Has an Answer

Hundreds of millions of residents of South East Asia have only limited access to banking and finance services. However, help is at hand. One of South East Asia's largest fintech businesses, Ascend Money is using digital technologies to realize its mission of enabling as many people as possible to access


Introducing Cloud Memorystore: A fully Managed In-memory Data Store Service for Redis

At Redisconf 2018 in San Francisco last month, we announced the public beta of Cloud Memorystore for Redis, a fully-managed in-memory data store service. Today, the public beta is available for everyone to try. Cloud Memorystore provides a scalable, more secure and highly available Redis service fully managed by Google. It’s fully