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Helpful and human: G Suite’s vision for your future workspace

With an accelerated shift to remote working brought on by COVID-19, it's clearer than ever that an organization's success relies on its people and how they work. No matter where they're working from, who they're working with, or what projects they're working on, organizations need to enable their employees to


The future of meetings in G Suite: Vision and roadmap

A study from MIT Sloan school in early April showed that 47% of US workers were already working from home. Compare that to just 13% before the pandemic. And these numbers are likely to be even greater today. Video meetings help us connect in a human way, whether it's for


Power your business with search and AI in G Suite

More than ever, businesses are dealing with major challenges like increased competition, data and information overload, and processes slowing people down. To overcome these challenges, businesses need to move faster, harness data and resources and remove friction from getting things done. We know that countless hours are wasted every day

Case Study

Equip Your Frontline Workers for Success with Android

As more teams are working remotely, it's more important than ever to have the right tools in the hands of all of your employees. More than ever, the customer is at the center. And their expectations are rising. The hurdle to keep customers happy continues to rise as everyone becomes


Deep-dive into modern OS architecture built for the cloud

Cloud-based technology--and we all know this--has changed how we work. It has meant that we can work securely from any device, any location, anytime. You can be on a tablet, a phone, a laptop, a desktop, and you get to your work. You can collaborate with others in a really

Case Study

100 Stores. 5 States. How Schnucks Pulled Off a Mammoth Collaboration Feat

As a family supermarket chain since 1939, Schnuck Markets Inc. depends on driving efficiency and volume sales to achieve its mission, identifying customer service and community partnerships among its key differentiators. In order to commit its maximum resources for success, Schnucks continues to focus on streamlining operations and achieving greater efficiency. Management