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Two Ways to Deploy SAP HANA System on Google Cloud

Many of the world’s leading companies run on SAP—and deploying it on Google Cloud extends the benefits of SAP even further. Migrating your current SAP S/4HANA deployment to Google Cloud—whether it resides on your company’s on-premises servers or another cloud service—provides your organization with a flexible virtualized architecture that lets


Fully-managed-zero-trust Security Solution, Traffic Director Integrated with CA Service

We created Traffic Director to bring to you a fully managed service mesh product that includes load balancing, traffic management and service discovery. And now, we’re happy to announce the availability of a fully-managed zero-trust security solution using Traffic Director with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Certificate Authority (CA) Service. When platform administrators and security

Case Study

Accuracy and Real-time Updates with Google Maps’ On-Demand Rides and Delivery Solution Impacts CX

Last year we launched our on-demand rides and delivery solution to help businesses improve operations as well as transform the driver and customer journey from booking to arrival or delivery. When it comes to on-demand rides and deliveries, every minute matters. When users book a ride or order food, they want a


Google Workspace Now has Adobe Add-on!

Every day, individual people and creative teams combine Google Workspace with Adobe Creative Cloud to bring their best ideas to life and delight their customers or friends, across photography, design, video, 3D design, and more. In fact, Adobe’s add-on for Google Workspace has had over a million installs and counting. By partnering


No-code Development Platforms Help Employees Reclaim their Time and Talent

As offices reopen, businesses aren’t keeping to a single formula. Many are embracing hybrid models, with employees splitting time between home and the office. Some are staying 100% remote. Others are returning the full workforce to offices with a greater focus on digitization.   Regardless of their model, one thing is


A Human Centered Design to Chart a Superior Customer Journey!

Banking, insurance and fintech companies strive to deliver superior customer experience. By adopting a human centered design for the digital customer journey, platform providers can drive monetization by focusing on interactions, behaviors and events!