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Case Study

Indian social media platform ShareChat saw a 50% reduction in costs after migrating to Google Cloud

One of the key trends that emerged from the lockdown brought about by the COVID-19 outbreak was the significant rise in people seeking entertainment online. According to data released by Carat India, smartphone usage increased by 1.5 hours a week and social media consumption nearly doubled to 280 minutes a


Modeling and Comparing Cloud Solutions, Costs, and Strategy

Sole-tenant nodes? VMaaS and CloudSimple? N1 vs N2 vs E2 instances? BYO Microsoft or Linux licenses? Understand how the choices available with Google Cloud can maximize your savings while expanding your migration scenarios. Watch this webinar and learn how to assess your on-premises private cloud and compare your per-VM costs


Delivering 10X Improvement to Risk and Regulatory Reporting Through Cloud and AI

Enterprise agility and the ability to innovate, adapt and respond quickly to the ever-changing risk and regulatory landscape is no longer a choice, but the cornerstone of successful digital transformation and commercial growth. Traditional access to and ways of managing data invariably create challenges in dealing with multiple data repositories,