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How Can Brands Evolve in Post-pandemic Era amid Changing Consumer Behavior Patterns

2020 saw an unprecedented change in consumer behaviour around the world, with shoppers finding new ways of discovering, evaluating and buying products. This has created fresh expectations for both brands and retailers to drive consumer closeness, embrace the digital moment and transform their operations to be more agile and sustainable.


Google Workspace and Miro Together Bring Immersive Team Collaboration Experience

While many of us are navigating the shift to hybrid work, every team’s experience is unique. Distributed work is taking many different forms—from the fully remote to a specific mix of in-person and in-office—but there are potential gaps across all the places that people work. Google Workspace helps teams bridge

A new study from Pew Research that shows 71% of people are currently working from home, and 50% of employees say they want to continue working from home at least three days a week.


How Google’s Customer Data Platform Helps Retail Brands Offer Data-driven , Personalized CX

Retail companies need customer insights to deliver personalized experiences that impact revenue generation and cost savings. Watch how Google Cloud's customer data platform helps brands integrate and build holistic view of data in silos to drive marketing and customer service success.


Google Maps’ Cloud-based Styling Features Betters UX, Control and Flexibility

This year at Google I/O, we announced the general availability of Cloud-based maps styling for the Maps JavaScript API. In an effort to provide you with more options and more control to help create the best experience for your users, today we’re releasing new features to Cloud-based maps styling. You may


What’s New in Retail: Bits from Google Cloud’s Retail & Consumer Goods Summit

Today we’re hosting our Retail & Consumer Goods Summit, a digital event dedicated to helping leading retailers and brands digitally transform their business. For me, this is a personally exciting moment, as I see tremendous opportunities for those companies that choose to focus on their customers and leverage technology to elevate


Five Ways Cloud Computing Helps Companies Optimize Operations and Lower IT Costs

There is no one way to recover. The past year has seen unprecedented challenges for business across the world, with social distancing and quarantine measures forcing many organizations to quickly adapt to remote working. A new report from BCG Platinion, titled “Finding a New Normal in the Cloud”, points out that while companies