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DocAI Lowers Customer’s Document Processing Cost by 60 Percent. Learn How

Some of the most important data at your company isn’t living in databases, but in documents, and most business processes begin, involve or end with a document.  Yet most companies are still manually entering data and reliant on guesswork to make sense of it all as the volume and variety


How AI and Analytics in EdTech are Living Upto the Hype

Over the last year, COVID-19 presented unforeseen challenges for practically every type of business and organization—including schools, colleges, and universities. For educational institutions, the pandemic was an unapologetic agent of acceleration, shifting one billion learners from in-person to online learning within two months.  The rapid transition to online learning exposed


Google Announces New Cloud Region in Israel to Meet Growing Customer Demands

Google has long looked to Israel for globally impactful technologies including popular Search features, Waze, Live Caption, Duplex and flood forecasting. At our Decode with Google 15RAEL event last week, we celebrated 15 years of Google innovation in Israel and our longstanding support of the country’s vibrant startup ecosystem.  Over the years, we’ve expanded our enterprise