Delivering 10X Improvement to Risk and Regulatory Reporting Through Cloud and AI


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Respond quickly to the ever-changing risk and regulatory landscape by adopting cloud and machine learning and derive new insights and allow for risk management to become more embedded into operational processes.

Enterprise agility and the ability to innovate, adapt and respond quickly to the ever-changing risk and regulatory landscape is no longer a choice, but the cornerstone of successful digital transformation and commercial growth. Traditional access to and ways of managing data invariably create challenges in dealing with multiple data repositories, reconciliations, fire-drills, etc.

In response, the move to cloud is increasing significantly. It enables risk analytics and regulatory reporting at scale in a secure environment with data storage, management and encryption capabilities as a standard. In addition, as regulatory reporting requirements become more granular, machine learning can help facilitate new insights and allow for risk management to become more embedded into operational processes.

This webinar will address the day-to-day challenges in risk management and regulatory compliance, while also exploring how technological innovations can provide massive improvements and potential.

Key themes

  • Real-life data challenges in the eyes of risk managers: can compliance, fraud detection and identifying liquidity positions be improved through the use of AI?
  • Innovative approaches to streamline regulatory reporting to derive deeper customer insights from data at the moment of truth.
  • Reimagining operations: how to modernise the data infrastructure to accommodate data explosion, drive flexibility and deliver a more cost effective outcome.

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