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Case Study

Google Cloud’s ML-based Image Classification App: A Key to Global Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife provides critical benefits to support nature and people. Unfortunately, wildlife is slowly but surely disappearing from our planet and we lack reliable and up-to-date information to understand and prevent this loss. By harnessing the power of technology and science, we can unite millions of photos from [motion sensored cameras]

Case Study

Google Cloud Platform Gives Us 5x the Processing Power to Analyze Physician Performance at 75% Lower Cost

Patients about to undergo a healthcare procedure understandably want the best medical professionals they can get. But how can they know which doctors have had the most experience and the best outcomes with that particular procedure? How can they make an informed decision about which doctor to select when the


Conversational AI drives better customer experiences

Conversational AI is opening up a new world of possibilities in areas like customer experience, user engagement, and access to content.  In Cloud AI, we’ve taken Google’s groundbreaking machine learning models in speech and natural language processing and applied them to the contact center space, radically improving the customer experience