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How AI Has Helped Enterprises Adapt Quickly to Moments of Change

The pandemic has clearly caused a tremendous amount of rapid change for businesses across industries and regions. In this session, Michael Baldwin, Head of Product - Financial Services, Google Cloud speaks about ways that artificial intelligence has helped enterprises adapt to those changes. He will cover trends that Google Cloud


Smart analytics: Deep dive on roadmap

Data across organizations is growing and that organizations need a very strong analytics platform to leverage this data create insights and make real-time decisions on top of this data. That’s driving the advent of three large trends. First is the convergence of data lakes and data warehouses, that’s enable organizations


Breakthrough Insights Across the Life Sciences Value Chain

New science and patient centricity require increasing reliance on data and deeper insights. Accenture’s life sciences customers have been demanding answers to this need, and want a solution with an open platform. Enter INTIENT, Accenture’s life sciences platform that is powered by Google Cloud. INTIENT generates insights throughout the life