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Case Study

Accuracy and Real-time Updates with Google Maps’ On-Demand Rides and Delivery Solution Impacts CX

Last year we launched our on-demand rides and delivery solution to help businesses improve operations as well as transform the driver and customer journey from booking to arrival or delivery. When it comes to on-demand rides and deliveries, every minute matters. When users book a ride or order food, they want a


Cloud CISO Perspectives: July 2021 Recap

We’ve been busy at Google Cloud this past month working to help businesses and governments around the world address mounting cybersecurity challenges. With so much going on in the security industry, it's essential that we continue to deliver security solutions that help address critical efforts like the Biden Administration’s Executive Order

Case Study

IKEA’s AI-driven Personalized and Real-time Recommendations Up its Conversion Rates and Average Order Value

Background At IKEA we have multiple places in our customer journey in various channels where different kinds of personalization can deliver a superior customer experience. Product recommendations in the shopping basket, content recommendations in editorial sections, inspirational recommendations on product pages and more. After a while in the broader “recommendations”

Case Study

Google Cloud Helped Digitec Galaxus Personalize Over 2 Million Newsletters in a Week

Digitec Galaxus AG is the biggest online retailer in Switzerland, operating two online stores: Digitec, Switzerland's online market leader for consumer electronics and media products, and Galaxus, the largest Swiss online shop with a steadily growing range of consistently low-priced products for almost all daily needs.  Known for its efficient, personalized shopping experiences,


Partnering with Google Cloud is the Key Behind Recent Healthcare Innovations

It’s simply amazing to witness how some of our systems integrators employ Google Cloud solutions to drive innovation in ways we at Google may never have considered—especially in healthcare.  According to analyst firm MarketsandMarkets, the market for the Cloud in healthcare is projected to grow 43% between 2020 and 2025


Upgrade Your Contact Center with Knowlarity’s AI-powered Speech Analytics for Higher CX

Did you know, everyday about 56 million hours worth of phone conversations, equalling to 420 billion spoken words are handled by contact centers? Knowlarity, a renowned cloud business communication service provider with nearly 6,000 customers and over a million virtual users, leverages AI-powered speech analytics that offer insights to gauge