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Research Reports

New Technology: The Projected Total Economic Impact™ Of Google Cloud Contact Center AI

According to Forrester Research, customers expect easy and effective customer service that builds positive emotional connections every time they interact with a brand or organization. Additionally, 40% of surveyed business leaders say that improving their organization’s customer experience (CX) is a high priority, ahead of initiatives like improving products and


Breakthrough Insights Across the Life Sciences Value Chain

New science and patient centricity require increasing reliance on data and deeper insights. Accenture’s life sciences customers have been demanding answers to this need, and want a solution with an open platform. Enter INTIENT, Accenture’s life sciences platform that is powered by Google Cloud. INTIENT generates insights throughout the life


Conversational AI drives better customer experiences

Conversational AI is opening up a new world of possibilities in areas like customer experience, user engagement, and access to content.  In Cloud AI, we’ve taken Google’s groundbreaking machine learning models in speech and natural language processing and applied them to the contact center space, radically improving the customer experience


Transitioning Kagglers to TPU with TF 2.x

Kaggle has, historically, become synonymous with machine learning competitions but it's much more than that. Kaggle is a data science platform. Over 5 million data scientists from all over the world come to Kaggle to not only not only participate in machine learning competitions but to learn data science build


Measuring and Improving Speech-to-Text Accuracy

Google Cloud’s Speech-to-Text API has a large number of uses including making customer service teams more effective and increasing their ability to improve customer experience. Google Cloud’s Speech-to-Text API provides incredible accuracy out of the box. What many might not know is that it also has new tools for enhancing


Creating Value With the Breadth and Depth of AI Platform

Watch Craig Wiley, Director of Product Management - Google Cloud, as he breaks down and simplifies AI for enterprises and the adoption of AI. “As I think about AI, fundamentally AI  only does two things. One it helps you grow your market,  increase subscribership, increase users, increase their spend or