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What’s New in BigQuery, Google Cloud’s Modern Data Warehouse

The demands that today's enterprise has from data go far beyond the capabilities of traditional data warehousing. For many leaders, the need to digitally transform their businesses is a key driver for data analytics spending. Businesses want to make real-time decisions from fresh information as well as make predictions from

Research Reports

New Technology: The Projected Total Economic Impact™ Of Google Cloud Contact Center AI

According to Forrester Research, customers expect easy and effective customer service that builds positive emotional connections every time they interact with a brand or organization. Additionally, 40% of surveyed business leaders say that improving their organization’s customer experience (CX) is a high priority, ahead of initiatives like improving products and


Business Modernization with Oracle Workloads in Google Cloud

With today's ever-changing business dynamics, business continuity is a key focus for all of us, and enterprise databases like Oracle play a critical role. We’ll explore how running Oracle workloads in Google Cloud creates a variety of solutions, from a Bare Metal Solution to open source and cloud-native databases, to


Modernize Your Security Posture for Cloud-Native Applications with Anthos

Modern security approaches have moved beyond a traditional perimeter-based security model. As many organizations seek to adopt cloud-native architectures and are deploying applications in hybrid and multi-cloud environments they demand a more flexible and extensible approach towards security. Learn how to address security issues as early in the development and


How to Build a Platform on Google Cloud from the Ground Up

Building distributed applications is hard! Building globally scalable distributed applications is harder. Maintaining and growing these services as your business grows is even harder. Watch this video to know how to create a globally scalable platform for your business on Google Cloud using service meshes. It shows how to build


Delivering 10X Improvement to Risk and Regulatory Reporting Through Cloud and AI

Enterprise agility and the ability to innovate, adapt and respond quickly to the ever-changing risk and regulatory landscape is no longer a choice, but the cornerstone of successful digital transformation and commercial growth. Traditional access to and ways of managing data invariably create challenges in dealing with multiple data repositories,


Enabling a Remote Workforce with Chrome Enterprise

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has mandated that organizations take unprecedented efforts to enable their employees to work remotely. This recent Gartner survey indicated that 88% of organizations have encouraged or required employees to work from home. Even before this year's events, remote working has been a growing consideration for employees