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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Through a Modern Infrastructure

Learn about the latest advancements to Google Cloud Platform’s unique infrastructure to accelerate enterprise workloads and build planet scalable solutions. Hear how Google Cloud’s infrastructure enables you to solve problems faster, more securely, and at greater scale. See how Google Cloud is accelerating the support for enterprise workloads like SAP,

Case Study

Replacing Oracle with Cloud Spanner: What Optiva Learnt

Optiva is a Canada-based provider of business support system (BSS) and Operations Support Systems (OSS) software and services to the telecommunications vertical. Optiva sought to improve its product offering. In the way were very tough challenges including a need for accuracy, the need to deal with very high volumes, the

Case Study

Pharma Firm Drives 80% Improvement in Speed with SAP on Google Cloud

FFF Enterprises is a leading supplier of critical-care biopharmaceuticals, plasma products, and vaccines. Their passion for patient safety and product efficacy drives their mission of Helping Healthcare Care. For FFF Enterprises if they have to focus on ERP infrastructure, that takes away from getting products to patents. Learn why FFF

Research Reports

New Technology: The Projected Total Economic Impact™ Of Google Cloud Contact Center AI

According to Forrester Research, customers expect easy and effective customer service that builds positive emotional connections every time they interact with a brand or organization. Additionally, 40% of surveyed business leaders say that improving their organization’s customer experience (CX) is a high priority, ahead of initiatives like improving products and


Real-world Data Integration Patterns

Learn the basics of Google Cloud Data Integration. How do you go from basic, hardcoded data pipelines to making your solution is dynamic and reusable? How do you parameterize your pipelines? What is the difference between parameters and variables, and when should you use them? Nidhi Modh, Product Manager, Google


Building Globally Scalable Services with Istio and ASM

Building distributed applications is hard! Building globally scalable distributed applications is harder. Maintaining and growing these services as your business grows is even harder. Learn how to create a globally scalable platform for your business on Google Cloud using service meshes. See how to build a platform on Google Cloud

Case Study

Geneva Business School: Empowering the business leaders of tomorrow with collaborative mindsets

Education is about more than just imparting information. For the Geneva Business School (GBS), education is about teaching the necessary skills to adapt, survive, and thrive in the world after pupils have graduated. With a diverse, international student body spread out over five campuses, the school prides itself on fostering leadership, communication,