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Ten Videos to Help You Get Started with Anthos

Do you need to develop, run and secure applications across your hybrid and multicloud environments? Look no further than Anthos, our managed application platform that extends Google Cloud services and engineering practices to your environments so you can modernize apps faster and establish operational consistency across them.  To help you


How AI-powered ML Models Helps Run Unemployment Claims Verification at Scale

With unemployment application submissions reaching record numbers over the past year, state and local agencies in the United States have faced the challenge of processing unprecedented numbers of claims per week. The digital infrastructure most agencies have in place is unable to handle this volume, resulting in constituents waiting longer,

Case Study

Candidate360: Google Cloud and Deloitte Product Improves Universities’ Enrollment and Admission Processes

Given the May 1 deadline for students to enroll, colleges and universities have been carefully watching the numbers of students who put down deposits and commit to a school. Like nearly every other sector in the U.S., colleges and universities have been hit hard by the pandemic and economic downturn,


HarbourBridge Schema Assistant Allows Quick, Bulk Migration to Cloud Spanner

Today we’re announcing the HarbourBridge Schema Assistant, which provides a guided schema-design workflow for migrating from MySQL or PostgreSQL to Spanner. HarbourBridge imports dump files (from mysqldump or pg_dump) or directly connects to your source database, and converts the source database schema to an equivalent Spanner schema. The new Schema Assistant


Datashare for Financial Services: Securing the Publishers and Consumers’ Access to Market Data

Access to the cloud has advanced the distribution and consumption of financial information on a global scale. In parallel, the global financial data landscape has been transformed by an influx of alternative data sources, including social media, meteorological data, satellite imagery, and other data. Exchanges and market data providers now


What You Need to Know About Compute Engines

Compute Engine is a customizable compute service that lets you create and run virtual machines on Google’s infrastructure. You can create a Virtual Machine (VM) that fits your needs. Predefined machine types are pre-built and ready-to-go configurations of VMs with specific amounts of vCPU and memory to start running apps


New Enterprise Capabilities and Changes to Cloud Spanner Reduces Cost of Running Workloads by 90 Percent

Customers love Cloud Spanner because it gives them the benefits of relational semantics and SQL while also delivering the scale and availability of non-relational databases. Many of these customers want to move even more of their work to Spanner, and have requested smaller instance sizes to support development, testing and