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Redefining the approach to mobile security

When it comes to mobile security, everyone assumes open means unsecure. There are three terms that people often confuse: vulnerability, malware, and exploit. A vulnerability is really nothing more than a software flaw that is potentially exposed, where there is a possibility of it being attacked. It doesn't mean it


Becoming Future-Proof: AI-Powered Integrated Business Planning on Google Cloud

If there’s one thing that the pandemic will leave us with it’s this: A deep desire to be better prepared. Not prepared for the next possible catastrophe because that’s hard to do, but better prepared for the repercussions of such disaster. In this video, Stephan de Barse, Executive Vice President,

Case Study

How Do You Cut Costs and Improve Staff Productivity, and Business Visibility? Ascend Money Has an Answer

Hundreds of millions of residents of South East Asia have only limited access to banking and finance services. However, help is at hand. One of South East Asia's largest fintech businesses, Ascend Money is using digital technologies to realize its mission of enabling as many people as possible to access


Delivering 10X Improvement to Risk and Regulatory Reporting Through Cloud and AI

Enterprise agility and the ability to innovate, adapt and respond quickly to the ever-changing risk and regulatory landscape is no longer a choice, but the cornerstone of successful digital transformation and commercial growth. Traditional access to and ways of managing data invariably create challenges in dealing with multiple data repositories,


Accelerate App Development and Delivery: The Modern Way

Cloud-native, Kubernetes, Serverless have been the hottest and most widely discussed topics given the velocity and agility benefits. Learn more about how you can leverage these modern app development practices to ship software faster, while reducing costs and improving security and compliance. Learn how Google Cloud lets you modernize existing


What is Dataflow?

What is Dataflow, and how can you use it for your data processing needs? In this episode of Google Cloud Drawing Board, Priyanka Vergadia walks you through Dataflow, a serverless system for processing and enriching data, supporting both streaming and batch models. Here's what's inside: 0:00 - 0:14 Video snapshot0:15

Case Study

How One Company Improved Security Significantly–Without Increasing Staff

Quanta Services is the leading specialty contractor with the largest and highly-skilled trained workforce in North America. It provides fully-integrated solutions for the electric power pipeline industrial and telecommunications industries the company's geographic footprint which includes North America Latin America and Australia. It’s network of companies ensures world-class execution with