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How AI and Analytics in EdTech are Living Upto the Hype

Over the last year, COVID-19 presented unforeseen challenges for practically every type of business and organization—including schools, colleges, and universities. For educational institutions, the pandemic was an unapologetic agent of acceleration, shifting one billion learners from in-person to online learning within two months.  The rapid transition to online learning exposed

Case Study

Bit Capital Rolls Out a Digital Financial Solution in Under 3 Months and at 2/3 the Cost

In the past few years, a series of new technologies and regulatory changes has been transforming Brazil’s financial industry. The concept of blockchain added security and agility to financial transactions. The open banking system being deployed by the country’s Central Bank (BC) allows for platform integration and data sharing -with

Trend Analysis

Quick Watch on Six Database Trends

In a data-driven, global, always-on world, databases are the engines that let businesses innovate and transform. As databases get more sophisticated and more organizations look for managed database services to handle infrastructure needs, there are a few key trends we’re seeing. Here’s what to watch.


Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Through a Modern Infrastructure

Learn about the latest advancements to Google Cloud Platform’s unique infrastructure to accelerate enterprise workloads and build planet scalable solutions. Hear how Google Cloud’s infrastructure enables you to solve problems faster, more securely, and at greater scale. See how Google Cloud is accelerating the support for enterprise workloads like SAP,


Google Launches Open Saves To Power Gaming Platforms Scale to User Demands

Many of today’s games are rich, immersive worlds that engage the audience in ways that make a gamer a part of a continuing storyline. To create these persistent experiences, numerous storage technologies are required to ensure game data can scale to the standards of gamers’ demands. Not only do game

Case Study

BHI: Embracing Google Workspace and AppSheet to transform the workplace

In the last two decades, BHI, once a small construction company in Vernal, Utah, has expanded its operations to dozens of industries in over 25 states. But while the company grew, its technology trailed behind. File sharing and emails both ran off a single server. Editing a document was a grueling


Apigee: Unlock Innovation by Managing APIs for SAP Workloads

Businesses migrating their SAP environments to Google Cloud do so for a number of reasons. Most cite the agility, scalability and security advantages of migrating SAP workloads to Google Cloud; many also focus on improved uptime and performance.  At some point, most businesses also want to explore the idea that